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iNVEZZ operates merely as an advertising conduit for a number of investment and fund providers. iNVEZZ operates as a pure introducer in relation to these providers and does not require regulation under the Financial services and Markets Act 2000. If you are interested in any particular provider, your basic details will be passed to them and they will then take you through their own client on boarding process. Your relationship is then entirely between them and you, and iNVEZZ has no role in any such further relationship. The decision to enter into any such relationship is yours alone. iNVEZZ is not a party to any transaction which you may enter into with the investment or fund provider. Monies and investments are transferred directly between you and them and never through iNVEZZ. None of the material on this website is, or is intended to amount to an investment advertisement. The content relating to any investment or fund provider has been approved by them under such regulations as may be relevant. None of the information on this website is, or is intended to amount to investment advice, and you should check with the investment or fund provider, and your own professional advisers as to the suitability of any investment for you. iNVEZZ plays no role in this process and therefore no liability of any kind attaches to iNVEZZ as your relationship is purely between the investment or fund provider and you. Certain investments may only be allowed to be entered into by certain types of investor in certain countries, and the investment or fund providers are responsible for this assessment. Please see the terms and conditions of use of this website for further details.”

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